• glorbes

    Awesome summary.

    It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Honestly, it feels like a sprawling cinematic universe all its own when you break the whole thing down like this. There are so many interconnected pieces that enrich the history, so many characters that add texture and character. And we even have the occasional super-villains that arise from the depths to threaten the order of things. But it’s a group that seems mostly defined by good humour, intelligent discussion, and a deep, lasting, and shared love for the same thing.

    • silverwheel

      The slaying of The Kunz over in the Facebook group should be told as an epic poem, Beowulf-style.

      • I will have to think on that.

      • glorbes

        That happened during one of my self-imposed exiles, so I missed out on what happened. What DID happen?

        • silverwheel

          The Kunz was I believe the first person to get banned with a vengeance from the group. And because everyone was new to this whole facebook group thing, there weren’t any conduct rules in place at the time so Kunz really made everyone miserable for a long while. Was a straight-up mean bastard to numerous people, constantly made insulting remarks to/about trans people, and made a lot of women really uncomfortable, all under a half-assed “free speech/devil’s advocate/nyah-nyah” banner. Eventually some people were ready to leave the group altogether unless the mods took care of it, and the ultimatum was completely justified. The experience prompted the beginnings of the group’s conduct rules and forced the mods to take a more active role in policing things. It was the end of the group’s innocence, but also the beginning of a new, better world.

          • glorbes

            He was a bastard on The Dissolve too, I recall.

      • When I was on FB, I hardcore stayed clear of the drama. Was this recent?

    • silverwheel

      And then a savior was born to The Dissolve Facebook group, a lovable land-squid that died (at the box office) for our sins. Sadly, not everyone accepts him as their savior, and some even persecuted us for our beliefs, but those of us in the Creech subgroup know Him and His love for us, and continue to preach His loving gospel.

      • In all seriousness, there are a lot of stories to tell about how the Facebook group has morphed and changed. It’s an interesting case of how group identity shifts over time and when its size changes.

  • HypercubeVillain

    “A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.” – from a certified Essential Viewing(c) film.

    When Nabin and Matt Singer left the site, I didn’t realize it was a harbinger of things to come, partly because of newer hires Rachel Handler and Kate Erbland, and partly because of my denial/naivete over the possibility of a site like *~The Dissolve~* ending so soon. Even in the last couple days leading up to “The End” (644 Days ago and counting) and its logo-turned-tombstone, I assumed the lack of certain regular updates like Essential Reading was just a temporary hiccup; I never could’ve guessed…

    I’ve tried to keep up with Dissolve writers since they went their separate ways, and it’s great to have a site like this in their wake. I’d never thought of this as a “fan site” before, but it truly is in the best sense, both for films and for *~The Dissolve~* itself.

    Any chance a link to this article could be added to the “Who We Are” page? Not to replace it, but to expand on it.

  • As great as most of The Dissolve was, my favorite thing about that site by far were the comments under those Essential Film Writing articles. That was such a good time, and I looked forward to that every day. LoveFest, HateFest (RIP), the Record Club, self-promotion, etc. That was the lifeblood of The Dissolve community, and as much as I had fun in the FB group, I think this place still best evokes the feel of those Essential Writing threads. Thanks to everyone here who contributes! Y’all are awesome.

    • Eunicejpearson

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  • ZoeZ

    This was moving. Honestly, this site’s so much a part of my cultural life that I tend to forget other people mostly don’t know about it: it’s like a perpetually-thriving neighborhood block party with extraordinarily good conversation.

    • glorbes

      For such a small group, we sure do generate a lot of discussion.

    • Thank you kindly! Not a day goes by that I don’t miss the Before Time, even though I do enjoy a lot of aspects of the Facebook diaspora.

  • I never commented anywhere else but here, though I’ve lurked & followed all the sites in the Before Time (I do enjoy the Dissolve FB group now). I like this little corner of the web – there’s enough difference of opinion without being drowned in too many comments (I struggle to follow threads in the Avocado – y’all are busy over there).

    Thanks for keeping the lights on here.

  • CineGain

    It bears repeating: This is the best community you’ll find anywhere on the web.

  • Something Son of Griff and I both noted, and it’s something that we copied from The Dissolve: everyone here has a distinct voice and uses it. A Julius/Nerd/Narrator/wallflower/Bruni/Gillian/BurgundySuit/Cornelius/Pizzo article sounds like the author and nothing and no one else; I think it was The Ploughman who said he could tell the author from the screengrab. There’s no consensus here, and no one’s even trying for it. What we have here is something both unruly and civil in the best senses of both words.

  • Drunk Napoleon

    Would I be a second or third generation Solute visitor? Either way, it’s cool to have the history of the whole thing laid out here. We’ve talked before about the values of this community and how it drew us here (I think the only time anyone has said the phrase “hot take” was in that Taco Break about it, and I’ve never seen anyone say “bad opinion”); it’s cool to see where those values came from. Start with the AV Club, take the most serious commentors there and create the Dissolve, and then take the most passionate Dissolve commentors.

    • glorbes

      We should be so lucky to get more third generation Soluters like yourself.

  • Defense Against The Dark Arts

    “We are a fan site of a schism of a spin-off of a web version of a parody newspaper.”

    And our own grandpa.

  • Belated Comebacker

    Speaking as someone who is often late to these threads, and as someone who abhors Facebook (but now has to use it for work, so blergh): Thank you for this superb website, keeping the community strong after The Dissolve….well, dissolved.

    • Miller

      Yeah, Facebook is a work thing for me and almost never used personally. The Solute is a wonderful thing to have every morning.