• Conor Malcolm Crockford

    I definitely to be in a certain mood with certain movies. If I’m going to watch a longer art film I have to be well-rested, not too stressed, and ready for anything. Similarly I can’t watch The Americans if I’m going through any stress or anxiety because my heart’s already racing and that show puts it through hell on earth.

  • John Bruni

    Yeah, my partner and I have increasingly turned to watching MST3K after a tiring day. It’s funny, but only if I’m paying attention, which, for me, is better than simply escapist fare.

    • When I was exhausted after a long night when my mother needed the ER – which turned out to be a false alarm – MST3K was perfect for the commute.

    • I didn’t end up needing them, because we went home even earlier than I’d thought we were going to, but I brought my binder of discs (in chronological order by air date, the easier to find what I’m in the mood for) to the hospital to watch if Irene’d been in the NICU a second week.