• My favorite little fact: Andre was too large to fit on the school bus, so a local volunteered to drive him to school every day. The local turned out to be playwright Samuel Beckett. They would discuss cricket.

    • And his dad helped build Samuel Beckett’s house!

      • Simon Tolhurst

        There’s a play about it called “My Dinner with Andre The Giant”

    • Drunk Napoleon

      Mine is that in some of the wide shots you can see Fezzik resting his hand on Buttercup’s head, and that’s because it’s Andre keeping Robin Wright’s head warm on a cold shoot with his giant hand, and he used to do the same thing with his mother.

    • DJ JD

      My favorite factoid about him had to do with his prodigious strength before the health issues caught up with him. It’s not mentioned here (a lot of other good stuff is though) but I read that he was jumped by four guys once, who ran to their car when they realized the sort of trouble they’d bought for themselves–only they couldn’t get away, because he picked up the car they were all in and tipped it over on to its side. Yow.

  • The Heart Of A Gnu Generation

    There’s one of those HBO sports documentaries on Andre The Giant coming in
    April. Judging from the trailer he enjoyed his celebrity, but the physical toll his enormous size put on him was hell at times. It’s a shame he died so young. If only they could have put his heart into a smaller person’s body. But I guess no one would pay good money to see someone named Andre The Normal Size Guy.

  • Conor Malcolm Crockford

    “We do not live long, the big and the small.” – Andre The Giant to Billy Crystal

  • BurgundySuit

    Year of the Month update (from an idea by Elizabeth Lerner)!

    Here’s some things you can write up this month:


    And here’s who’s writing!

    Feb 13th: SCB0212: Return of the Jedi
    Feb 14th: Wallflower: Soundtracking – Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
    Feb 15th: John Bruni: Trouble in Paradise
    Feb 16th: Conor Malcolm Crockford: Videodrome
    Feb 19th: Balthazar Bee: Psycho II
    Feb 20th: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: Local Hero
    Feb 21st: Clytie: Eddie and the Cruisers
    Feb 26th: Ruck Colchez: A Christmas Story
    Feb 27th: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: L’Argent/Trading Places

    And coming this March, we’re moving on to 2001!