• Son of Griff

    Double features were the norm when I was in elementary school, and they had a big influence on me. On one particular outing when I was about 8, a friend and I went to see some nature semi documentary in the Disney vein. I can’t exactly remember what this film was, but the “second” feature was LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, and my life as a cinephile was set.

    On the other extreme, I remember that, about the same time, staying after a primary feature to watch something called WILDERNESS JOURNEY, which even as a kid I knew was rubbish. It was the first movie i ever walked out of.

  • Paul Beardsley

    I remember in 1982 my brother suggested we go and see The Thing. I was a bit reluctant (even though I was a big science fiction fan and had read the novella). Then he said, “The B-feature is Dire Straits ‘Making Movies’.” I said, “Let’s go!”

  • thesplitsaber

    The only legit double feature ive ever seen was the massive bomb Grindhouse intial run. Its one of those ‘you had to be there things’ but those two movies, in that order, with the fake trailers was an experience that cant really be replicated on dvd.

  • I am too young to remember double features at all, and this makes me sad.