• Son of Griff

    How did I miss this!!! Great choice of a character actor to begin this series. Ritter had A list acting chops but a withered look that kept her from getting roles that would effectively placed her talents at the center of dramatic action. Through the course of limited screen time, she credibly projects comedy, drama, and suspense within the framework of a carefully constructed archetypal character of supportive women whose lives are made invisible by what Leonard Cohen called (OK, I’m paraphasing) “the tyranny of beauty”. Ritters’ charisma is most poignantly conveyed in PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET, but she was a pleasure to watch whenever she appeared on camera.

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  • Fresno Bob

    Oh, she’s heart-breaking in Pickup on South Street. That’s a juicy little role, and she is, no question, the best and most well realized character in that movie. And that is a damn good movie, too.