• The Heart Of A Gnu Generation

    You neglected to mention the idiocy of the glass slippers. I don’t blame the mice and the birds, they’re just simple woodland creatures that have a knack for sewing, but Cinderella should have known better than to put her bare feet into two delicate glass objects that could have shattered at any moment horribly mangling her feet and crippling her for life. I’m not even sure how she managed to walk in them let alone dance all night in them. It must have been the magic, or just dumb luck, that they never broke.

    • That gets into the history of translations, really.

    • J.D.

      I believe the original story had fur (squirrel?) slippers and it was a mistranslation that lead to the idea of glass slippers. Fur slippers would be both warm and comfy.

      • The Heart Of A Gnu Generation

        Fur makes a lot more sense.

      • Yeah, “verre” is glass and “vair” is squirrel fur. There are those who believe that “fur slipper” is code.

  • Drunk Napoleon

    The straight-to-DVD sequel to this is actually one of the better of the Disney sequels, in my books – not as good as the Aladdin sequels, better than The Little Mermaid 2 and Pocahontas 2. It starts with actually being a group of short films riffing on different ideas from the story and jumping around the timeline, which is a cool idea and something younger children would respond well to, and I remember one of the stories being about one of the stepsisters getting a boyfriend after the first film, which is an endearingly pleasant concept – even the ‘mean girl’ deserves to find love!

    • Krissi_C

      As I understand it, the first sequel (Dreams Come True) was supposed to be the pilot for a Cinderella tv series a la Aladdin, but it failed to launch.

      Personally, the second sequel (A Twist in Time) is my favorite Disney Cinderella story period. I appreciate the original version for various aspects (Lucifer and Lady Tremaine are wonderful, and I love “So This is Love”). But Cinderella 3 manages to keep everyone ‘in character’ while giving them MORE character. Cinderella is sneaky and smart and proactive! The Prince is more than a set piece, though he still does’t have a name. The King is sweet and caring and not just a blustering, interfering man. Anastasia is envious of Cinderella with actual reasons to be envious. Lady Tremaine manages to be MORE evil, by having an even more active role in Cinderella’s post-ball misfortune. Seriously, I never expected to love a Disney Cinderella movie, and that one is just fantastic.

  • Yeah, I am not a huge fan of this one. The music is dull, and except for the villain (she’s great, as you rightly point out), the animation is super uninteresting. I like the mice okay as characters and animation designs, but far too much time is spent with them doing low-key slapstick stuff instead of actually fun hijinks (e.g. when they have to sneak by the cat to get the necklace).