• “I don’t think I’ve ever seen evidence that Lithgow phones it in, ever.”

    So very true. Even in bizarre works like Buckaroo Banzai.

    • I mean, he was on the phone, but that doesn’t count.

    • Even moreso with Banzai — that whole movie works because of Lithgow’s insane commitment to role.

  • The Trinity Killer, Dick Solomon, Roberta Muldoon, half the goddamn cast of Raising Cain, FDR and Churchill, a role taken over from William Shatner (“I had that same flight!” possibly my favorite reference ever), the killer in Blow Out, the nicest guy in 2010, Dr. Emilio Lizardo and of course, Lord “You Got That Honey? J-O-H-N” Whorfin, all without ever breaking a sweat, or like you and everyone sez, phoning it in.

    Also this, back when Newt Gingrich seemed like the craziest politician in America. Good Lord, were we ever so young?


    • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹


      I know that’s Christopher Lloyd, but that’s what I think of (well, that and Lord John Whorfin immediately shooting him afterward). Also, I checked to see if Christopher Lloyd was alive– he’s 79! Which means he was 46 when Back to the Future was released. I would’ve guessed at least 15 years older.

      • Buckaroo Banzai has so many well-thought-out and incredibly funny little details, and one of them is that the Red Lectroids have just all gotten sick of each other what with being stuck in Jersey for almost fifty years.

        • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

          I knew about two minutes in this would be my kind of movie when the computer readout read “SINED, SEELED, DELIVERED.”

          • “Why me?”
            “‘Cuz I’m busy.”

            (EDIT: “Why me?” is a running gag, and every answer is gold.)

        • thesplitsaber

          I think its prime for a remake. Jaime Foxx as Buckaroo (Sing, Act, Play Piano, Comedy, Drama, Action, road map?) and Justin Timberlake in the role he was born to play as Perfect Tommy.

          • Ha. Me love this. Also, why do remake when some of us have been waiting for Buckaroo Banzai Against World Crime League for 25 years?

          • Me agree. Me also demand, either way, only Goldblum can be New Jersey. Even stale cookie of July 4: Again figure that out.

          • Me somewhat ashamed of how much thought me have put into this, but you could have Banzai Institute develop technology that reverse aging process, which means you can recast lead role but keep Goldblum. Maybe there ethical dispute among Hong Kong Cavaliers over de-aging and Goldblum on natural side of argument. (Me would imagine Perfect Tommy not would de-age because he already perfect).

            And as much as me love Weller, you have to recast. For starters, character written as master swordsman and gunslinger (although movie not use either of those much), and Weller probably too old to do those stunts. But more importantly, it really not fly to have white actor playing half-Asian character in 2017.

          • thesplitsaber

            WOW CM approved of my fan casting!!! This might be better than it actually happening.

  • I have a strange quirk in my brain where, despite loving both actors and them being Quite Different, I can never quite separate John Lithgow from Charles Grodin, and it always takes me a while to remember which one is which. I’m always delighted to see either of them, so it’s a quirk I can deal with.

  • Belated Comebacker

    Good points here on Lithgow being a genuine nice guy.

    A feature film came to my town in September, and Lithgow was the star. I didn’t work on that production (sounded like it was a disaster), but a friend of mine did help them out for a day. Even though he was only a Production Assistant, Lithgow nevertheless came over and introduced himself, thanking him for helping out. Pretty sweet of him.

  • I adore John Lithgow, both as Dick Sullivan and as Lord Farquad. (Oh, can’t forget Don Quixote! It’s like he was born to tilt at windmills.)

    But the best was the time my family was vacationing in NYC and we saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on Broadway, and the lead actor was ill. The understudy? JOHN LITHGOW, OMFG YES. <3

    I have seen the man live on stage, and he has this wonderful energy to him. You can tell that acting is his life, and he always brings everything to it. Like you said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad performance from him.