• ozduck

    I have seen “The Spaceman and King Arthur” a long time ago but it is not something I am desperately seeking to repeat. It did however have some notable UK actors earning a little money for their old age including Kenneth Moore, Ron Moody & John Le Mesurier.

    I must admit her name was not familiar to me – even though I have seen a lot of the movies that she was involved with. I mainly remember costume designers such as Edith Head & Adrian.

  • DJ JD

    FWIW, I really enjoy reading about these less-visible elements of filmmaking, and doubly so for those folks of a bygone era. There’s such an obvious disconnect between what we see and what the folks who did the actual work see, and it’s always nice to learn something about the people literally behind the scenes.

    • Suspect there will be several of these in the next two months. I can guarantee we’ve got one upcoming about a screenwriter and one about a director, too.