• Hanks went decades without giving a bad performance. And only started to when he was getting bored with the Tom Hanks Role.

    But I will always remember him in a terrible thing called Bachelor Party. That was a sick R-rated sexcapade with almost nothing good to say in its favor. And Hanks was great. The embodiment of a good performance in a bad movie. I am glad he doesn’t have to be in things like that anymore, but he classed up the joint far more than it deserved.

    • Craig Stephen Tower

      And the thing about BACHELOR PARTY is that he’s clearly been handed a role written for (and wisely rejected by) Bill Murray’s early 80s persona.

  • Son of Griff

    Because Hanks’ inherent on screen “likability” seems inseperable from that of his public appearances, the concept that he is “acting” is often overlooked.. I have a theory that awards go to those who embody characters who seem far removed from the way the actor appears to be in real life.

    • thesplitsaber

      At this point i think its safe to say Hanks will only get another nomination/win if goes against type and plays a straight up no bs villain, like Henry Fonda in Once Upon A Time In The West.

      • Back when people were throwing around “the new Jimmy Stewart” to describe Hanks, I said “when he plays a deranged stalker, then we’ll talk.” I’d still like to see that level of performance from Hanks, but there’s no doubt that he crushes it in the right role. (His pairing with diCaprio in Catch Me If You Can gets into Collateral territory.)

        • thesplitsaber

          With the Jimmy Stewart comparison its important to note Hanks has never had his Vertigo or The Naked Spur. I still wish he would have worked with more risky directors like say Cronenberg or Voerhoeven. I really due think he has the chops for it.

          (On a side note he apparently got his first positive professional notices for playing Iago in Othello. Now that is something id like to see.)

  • Drunk Napoleon

    This is a great article and great comments, and I have nothing of substance to add aside from the Tom Hanks game.

    Tom Hanks invests his money. Tom Banks.
    Tom Hanks turns up the A/C. Tom Cranks.
    Tom Hanks expresses gratitude. Tom Thanks.

    • Babalugats

      Tom Hanks punishes his kids. Tom Spanks
      Tom Hanks buys a whoopee cushion. Tom Pranks
      Tom Hanks does another Da Vinci Code. Tom Stanks.

    • Tom Hanks plays tug-of-war. Tom Yanks.

    • HypercubeVillain

      Tom Hanks makes a deposit. Tom Banks.
      Tom Hanks lists his top 10 films. Tom Ranks.
      Tom Hanks uncharacteristically stabs someone(!) Tom Shanks.

    • Tom Hanks dances to reggae. Tom Skanks.
      Tom Hanks is a poorly maintained robot. Tom Clanks.
      Tom Hanks remakes an IMDB favourite. Tom Shawshanks.

    • Tom Hanks forgets your name. Tom Blanks.

    • Mr.Plow

      Tom Hanks indulges in a played-out fad: Tom Planks
      Tom Hanks doesn’t shower for weeks: Tom Stanks

  • Lovely Tom Hanks. It pleases me that he collects typewriters, for some reason. It’s such a pleasant hobby. Agreed on the comedies, I’d love to see him do a few more light hearted films, but maybe the right kind of comedy isn’t really being made much these days? I’d love to see him work with the Coens again too, because he was great in The Ladykillers and it’s a shame he only got to be in (easily) their weakest film.

    • The Ploughman

      At least he got to deliver some Coen lines in Bridge of Spies.

      • Ah yes, good point!

      • thesplitsaber

        That whole ‘My guy’ convo/character intro is pure Coens and he does it so effortlessly.

  • Conor Malcolm Crockford

    Tom Hanks telling everyone to please leave him alone in The Simpsons Movie is just gold, gold Jerry!

  • thesplitsaber

    ‘they don’t think of him genuinely emoting and so forth.’

    Which is why I didnt understand his lack of Oscar attention for Captain Phillips. His going into shock at the end of the movie (which Hanks apparently improvised!!!) was such a ‘method-y’ move i thought for sure hed get another oscar for it.