She and Will Smith are the only reasons I’m even curious about Suicide Squad. BvS:DoJ:DoA:StD did me in on a lot of that malarkey, but I’ve read the same thing: that she killed it in that role. On paper, I picture that role as being unusually tricky, because the character is supposed to be smart and hard-minded, and yet the plot requires her to roll out the single dumbest idea imaginable, and be believably impressive doing it. (Seriously, picture that dialogue with the higher-ups: “Sir, the Menendez brothers have escaped from custody, but I have a plan to stop them. We need to arm, and release, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, Gary Ridgway, Wayne Williams and the Dennises, both Rader and Nilsen. This is a fantastic plan that can only work out well for us.”)

    Anyway, she’s a wonderful actress and she’s done enough wonderful work in the margins for white plots that I’d love to see her get more front-and-center screentime.