• Conor Malcolm Crockford

    I had a weird moment watching Kevin Spacey in LA Confidential last night, but (1) I didn’t pay for the movie so I didn’t feel much guilt (my policy is that I’ll watch movies and shows by shitty people if I don’t support them monetarily) and (2) I was just sucked in by his performance – I forgot that I was watching an actor named Kevin Spacey and was seeing a sleazy cop slowly waking up from the haze of Hollywood. Its all complicated and awful and part of a greater problem in that our economy is built on ruthless, systemic exploitation and hierarchies of abusive power, usually wielded against the marginalized. For gods sake the batteries in our phones are mined from Africa and child workers are a big part of that.

    • The Ploughman

      It’s also tough when it’s movies, an art that involves many more people than the star. If a painter or a novelist is a dirtbag, it’s a pretty narrow target. A movie has many artists and craftspeople displaying their work. Do we throw out Guy Pearce’s performance Curtis Hanson’s work with Spacey’s?

      I’m encouraged at how the new normal is no tolerance moving forward (e.g. – Spacey was fired from major projects regardless of the inconvenience to many people). Whether it’s a for reasons of decency or cynical economic ones, I care not. Either way enough people one or more sides of the equation are saying “no thank you.” For existing works like the one Gillian brings up here, I kind of lean toward the film already being baked into the conversation and the moment to make a stand on it has passed. But I’m still mulling it over. I get to renew my internal debate on it every year when I pull out Phil Spector’s Christmas album.

      You may have noticed I’m a fan of footnotes, which could come in handy (example: “The Usual Suspects* has one of the most famous twists in history). Maybe in the interest of positivity I should employ them even more liberally (example: “Tomb Raider** stole two hours of my life and will not give them back.)

      * Kevin Spacey is a known sexual predator whose activity is not condoned by The Ploughman.
      **Angelina Jolie is a known ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees which The Ploughman deems a very good position to have indeed.

    • Dingle Jells Jells Dingle

      He’s an amazing actor! He was, and still is, an amazing actor.

      This issue kills me. Personally, I call it the Chinatown problem: it’s not like this is a new issue in Hollywood, or even a new topic of discussion among this group.

  • Defense Against The Hark Arts

    The Tom Cruise Thing for me isn’t so much about his Scientology membership but his complete inauthenticity. Just watch him on any talk show, his acting skills are never put more to the test than when he is trying so hard to talk and behave like a normal human being.

    • Sure. It’s just that Scientology literally kills people like me.