• I have friends who are regular con-goers, and some who have their own nerd news outlets. I’ve a co-worker who also organizes the largest con in the state. I’ve heard plenty of stories of the creepiness of people at cons. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never been to one.

    I love cosplay, though. It’s so cool to see people hardcore adapt these fantastical costumes to real life, or how they and twist and tweak the outfit into something new & interesting.

    • I’ve been to several and enjoy it. Actually, I went to one this past weekend, hence article.

  • I always leave my compliment at “nice costume” or something else short, and move along. The thought of taking a photo of a total stranger has never even occurred to me.

  • DJ JD

    Hear, hear. Honestly, I’ve had this reaction about having my picture taken and I don’t even go to cons. Some people just think that since they have a smartphone, that clearly everyone wants to be on their FB page. And my problem is, I don’t want to be on their FB page.

    • My firstborn specifically responded to a request to take her picture last week with, “Please don’t post it on Facebook.” So I didn’t.