• The fate of Searchlight seems to be the most worrisome point. What’s going to happen to the adult middle-budget productions that they championed?

    • jroberts548

      It would make a lot of business sense to keep it, since it fills a niche that is otherwise underserved by the rest of Disney.

  • Dingle Jells Jells Dingle

    I’m also a Disney fan, but I’ve had a beef with their consequence-free Humanism Lite ™ philosophy for all of my young-adulthood and adulthood. I’m pleased that they’ve been backing off on that some in recent years, because when they got preachy it could be pretty unpleasant.

  • jroberts548

    I’m not happy about the merger, or about the general trend of consolidation and conglomeration.

    But if Newscorp was going to sell 20th Century Fox, Disney is probably the least-worst possible buyer. Amazon or Apple would be similarly bad from a consolidation standpoint, with less potential upsides. Comcast, especially after the repeal of net neutrality, would be much worse.

    Among corporate overlords that wish to rule us all, Disney might be the least actively malicious.