• This reminds me of that Louis CK bit where he talks about how amazing everything is and we still complain. It really is amazing, our capacity for discontentment.

    • The Ploughman

      I never get on a plane without thinking about that bit (and George Clooney in the security line in Up in the Air).

  • I sometimes wonder what it took to be a film fan in the days before home video. How did you watch obscure or foreign films? Was it just wait and see if anything played close to you, or travel to a larger city with a bigger cinema presence? I’m young enough to have always known at least VHS, so before that feels like a black hole of inaccessibility.

    • John Bruni

      Being a film minor in college exposed me to those kinds of films.

    • Son of Griff

      My initial exposure to classic films was from afternoon and late night movie airings on the local TV affiliates. Having grown up in L.A. there were a lot. Where I went to college in the early 1980s was within a short bus ride of 4 revival theaters that ran classic double bills about 3 times a week. The college (UCLA) of course had numerous film classes you could audit or sneak into, plus regular screening programs in the evenings. I was never a film major, but 90 percent of what shaped my movie tastes today came from my 4 years of reading reviews and film history and watching movies in an mostly autodidactic fashion.

      God know what my tastes would have been like if I grew up in a place without the cinematic eclecticism in the environment. The plentifulness of non blockbuster cinema of my teenage years has actually shrunk somewhat in the area where I used to hang out, particularly in broadcast television. Several non-profits (and one particular Hollywood “angel”) have kept retrospective screenings alive in L.A. as well. I am co-president of a local film society currently working with AMC to bring contemporary independent and foreign language films to an under served region, so I like to think that I’m fighting the good fight.

      • The Ploughman

        Fight on!

    • Fresno Bob

      Even in the eighties, my siblings stayed up late to watch the CBC nightly movie. Check out this awesome intro – this music is etched in my mind for all time:


  • Fresno Bob

    It’s infuriating to me that the Criterion streaming service is US-specific. I get that the rights to films are market specific when it comes to distribution, but I would seriously consider giving my left nut to have access to that.