• Conor Malcolm Crockford

    Notably the actor guesting as Tracey also plays Knox on Angel, which is a nice little allusion to Knox not being what he seems to be. He also gets one of the best death scenes in the series and is the perfect capper to Angel and Wesley’s conflicting morality – Angel values human life so he wants to spare Knox while Wesley is driven by a sort of pure motive of vengeance.

    • He was also in “Conversations with Dead People” on Buffy, my pick for the last truly great episode of that show. His name is Jonathan Woodward, and those three roles are pretty much the height of his career.

      • Courtney

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    • “Were you even listening?”

  • You didn’t mention…Space Jew! We rarely ever see any even remotely religious Jews in space operas, so this definitely stands out. Granted, we don’t know his backstory in the least, but I think that 15 years of Jewish fanfic writers have explored what it means to be exiled not from Earth but from any hope of returning to Zion.

    I like the rest of this one in the way you like a sad movement in a longer instrumental work. This one is probably the least rewatchable for me, but I think it really does work well to build the world and to allow Tracey to reflect on Mal and Zoe.

    Also, cunning hat.

  • DJ JD

    I didn’t much care for this episode, either, and in my case it’s because I just plain didn’t care that much about Tracey. The episode told me to care for him an awful lot, in ways both obvious and subtle, but I just plain didn’t. He showed up as a dead body, we get told “aww we cared about him,” oh wait he’s not dead, oh wait he’s a massive tool, oh wait he’s screwing up everything, okay yeah now he’s really dead, the end. I went in to this one knowing it was the last episode they’d filmed, and automatically scanned that last sequence as meaning more in that context than in the stated text of the scene itself. I didn’t see why several of them would feel anything warm and fuzzy about this dangerous doofus at all, no matter how Mal and Zoe knew him.

  • lily

    I’m not a sci fi fan, so there was only one reason for me to watch this program. That
    would be Fillion.