• Fresno Bob

    Ah, the video that caused millions of childhood nightmares. Watching it now, it’s actually pretty amazing, and the imagery and ideas are comprehensible to me (and I kind of like the song, too).

    It also makes sense of Reagan’s appeal. He was handsome, and through careful messaging meeting a desire in the voter, he was able to project the American Hero as president. This of course has no bearing on the reality, and as the Spitting Image satirists point out, it was a dangerous game to play. But at least Reagan’s popularity can be explained.

    • The Ploughman

      True. The problems people* had with Reagan (as I’ve understood it – his presidency predates my political consciousness) is that his facade as a likeable, upstanding or even heroic guy hid an agenda that was actually dangerously regressive. We** learned from this, and now more people*** prefer a candidate that doesn’t bother to present such a facade. Progress!****

      *some people
      **fewer people
      ***by the narrowest definition
      ****not in the slightest

  • Mik Duffy

    What’s less-remembered is that video’s roots in a really on point Phil Collins parody Spitting Image had run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S5CiQPyNY8&list=PLvPruasrhKSDghhk8xJsw2K2EHWpFMlRt&index=4 Though it’s worth noting that the Phil puppet used in the Land of Confusion video is a good deal less grotesque.