• clytie

    After multiple viewings of this movie I noticed that Molly has pictures of Carver all over her trailer.

  • intersext

    As you know I’m of the Showgirls-reclamation camp, but I have one way of coherently theorizing the rape scene in context with the movie. Generally I see the camp of the movie as a satiric strategy to make capitalist ideology grotesque – the power-hungry ambition of, say, Anne Baxter becomes the fierce-to-the-point-of-unlikable, extreme ambition of Nomi. When the rape scene happens, it’s a switch to sobriety that reinforces the serious nature of some of the worse actions of the entertainment industry. Then, when the movie goes back to camp, it is a recuperative strategy. It acknowledges that the escape from the real that embodies camp is comforting in the face of troubling facts, and recuperates Nomi by having her fight against the system in a transgressive way (kicking the shit out of a major pop star). It’s a moment of love for a completely grotesque character who manages to do something redemptive in a general sea of being a shitty person. Thus, when she (implicitly) heads to LA in the end, it’s tragic; she hasn’t learned her lesson about the impossibility of succeeding in the capitalist environment.

    In a way, the ending (and the movie in general) is a love letter to camp, and seeing how much Verhoeven uses camp in his films I’d say it’s not impossible this interpretation was his intent (if not likely, admittedly).

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  • Losero

    Frankly, I feel it was just unnecessary ugliness that had no real retribution. The sweetest charater

  • Sonic Pressure

    Elizabeth Berkeley rulz and your article #suxass