• The Honest Trailers guy, too? Dammit!

    Also, in the discussion of creepy actors, I learned there’s a rumor that Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood. Is there any truth to this whatsoever? I’d never heard of this before today.

    • thesplitsaber

      Wood described the rape in her autobiography and said it was by a famous actor but didnt say who. Douglas was a volatile guy and an extreme alcoholic, but short of him admitting to it in his old age we’ll probably never know the truth.

    • Dead Jerk Jerk Dead

      Late to the game, but my reaction too. “Not him too!”

  • Defender Of The Dark Arts

    All of these guys seem like they were pathetic and or ugly losers at some point in their lives. When they attained a little success, the heady mix of a little power and testosterone resulted in some seriously fucked up behavior.

  • Mini update: Lisa Bloom, the advisor whom Weinstein had hired to hit him upside his head whenever he was being awful, has resigned from that role.


    • Rucker and Cohlchez vs. Evil 🌹

      “hit him upside his head whenever he was being awful” was even funnier the second time around.