• Joseph Finn

    I actually love the Tuariel romance with Kili. I think it’s well set up and the actors have good chemistry. Now, in terms of a love triangle I’ll agree with you there and I could not care much less about that.

    • Guillermo Jiménez

      My fiancé loves Tauriel and Kili and it’s rubbed off on me.

  • The Ploughman

    There’s a doctoral student at the local university who’s doing a thesis on fan edits. If I remember right, he put together a single film from the trilogy. If it wasn’t him, it was another editor in town – I know somebody took a crack at it but don’t know where to find it.

    • Man with a robot arm

      Could this be it? https://tolkieneditor.wordpress.com/ I liked this edit well enough, but it excises several scenes I enjoy, one being, the rescue by the eagles at the end of part one. All the Dol Guldor sub-plot is cut as well. There is a cut running
      about an hour of all the Dol Guldur scenes. It comes off as a neat adventure
      with Gandalf and Radagast, playing much better on its own. In the end I would
      rather just watch the entire theatrical trilogy warts and all.

  • Guillermo Jiménez

    Great article, but if I remember correctly wasn’t the plan for two movies when Jackson started filming? I remember the switch to three movies happening with production already underway, which was insane.

    • Glorbes

      Yeah, I think the shift from two to three happened in that transition period. A lot of stuff was shifted and shuffled around, and the Tauriel/Kili/Legolas triangle was born from that.

  • DJ JD

    I have a weird blind spot with these movies. I read all the books well before the movies came out (of course) and I straight-up loved the LotR series–but I was apathetic at best about these. I saw part of the first one when I borrowed a friend’s blu-rays and I turned it off after forty minutes or so and I basically stopped caring. I couldn’t honestly tell you why that is, although I suspect that my preconceptions about the books played a heavy part in it. I just couldn’t get my head around The Hobbit being an even more epicker version of LotR. (I had a similar problem with the Narnia movies, on the point–making them about war and epicness seemed like it entirely missed what made the books charming to me.)

    Anyway, your post got me thinking it will be interesting to see what my kids think, once they’re old enough for such things. Nice writeup!

  • Conor Malcolm Crockford

    @glorbes:disqus have you seen the Behind The Scenes video on how Battle of the Five Armies shut down production just to figure out storyboarding and how to not just hastily improvise everything? It’s quite bleak and brutally honest. I think these movies kind of broke Jackson and I certainly think he did the best he could.

    • Glorbes

      I haven’t! I should see if it’s on YouTube.

      • Conor Malcolm Crockford

        It is, and its bleaaaakkk.