• BurgundySuit

    Year of the Month update (from an idea by Elizabeth Lerner)!

    Here’s some things you can write up this month:


    And here’s who’s writing!

    Feb 13th: SCB0212: Return of the Jedi
    Feb 14th: Wallflower: Soundtracking – Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
    Feb 15th: John Bruni: Trouble in Paradise
    Feb 16th: Conor Malcolm Crockford: Videodrome
    Feb 19th: Balthazar Bee: Psycho II
    Feb 20th: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: Local Hero
    Feb 21st: Clytie: Eddie and the Cruisers
    Feb 26th: Ruck Colchez: A Christmas Story
    Feb 27th: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: L’Argent/Trading Places

    And coming this March, we’re moving on to 2001!

    NO DATE: Joseph Finn: Not Another Teen Movie!
    NO DATE: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: Millenium Actress
    NO DATE: Gillianren: Atlantis – the Lost Empire

    • ZoeZ

      I’m going to be ambitious for March and say I’ll take The Others and Ursula Le Guin’s (RIP) The Birthday of the World and Other Stories.

      • BurgundySuit


        • ZoeZ

          March 20 for The Others and 27 for Birthday okay?

          • BurgundySuit


    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      Put me down for Heist on…March 15th.

    • Converge – Jane Doe. March 1. I’ll try writing about music this time.

    • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

      Hmm, I’m excited to get into the 2000s, but weirdly, 2001 is a year I’m not sure I have much to say about. I’d like to write about my personal experience with Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but that was technically released in April 2002. HOWEVER: It was originally scheduled for release on September 11, 2001, but Reprise Records deemed it “unlistenable” and dropped Wilco from their label after it leaked online. Wilco began streaming the record in its entirety for free on their website on September 18, 2001, and I saw Wilco in concert on September 22, 2001, still one of the most electric experiences of my life.

      If that’s not eligible, the things I feel best personally / specifically qualified to write about are the New Pornographers’ Mass Romantic, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ The Tyranny of Distance, or my annoyance that in the wake of 9/11, “NYC Cops” was dropped from the American release of the Strokes’ Is This It?

    • I’ll do The Royal Tenenbaums, date to follow, as I have to get a new box of Kleenex first.

    • Oh, and put me down for Strange Little Girls too, date to follow.

    • OK, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence will not be ready today. Could you push me to next Thursday (the 22nd)?