• Jane Foster as Thor? Like that would ever happen! (The actual costume for her in the role is much better than what we saw back then.)

    Funny. Balder’s death is, as that Thor cover notes, the prelude to Ragnarok. And yet he isn’t in the movie of the same name. Or, indeed, the MCU. I guess “killed by a mistletoe missile” doesn’t impress Kevin Feige.

    What is “Cancelled Comics Cavalcade?” As previously noted, the DC Implosion led to the cancellation of a large number of their books. For copyright reasons, two “ashcan” comics were produced with several of the cancelled comics, including a Western comic called “The Deserter” that never otherwise saw the light of day. (Many other cancelled comics returned in some fashion or other, such as the contents of Firestorm #6, and the debut of Vixen, yet another Gerry Conway creation currently on TV.)

    But the highlight of the month – possibly of the year – is the debut of Elfquest. OK, not entirely the debut (as you could find on the Wiki pages), but still a first issue published by WaRP Graphics, the company started by Wendy and Richard Pini that would be one of the first successful indie comics companies. Elfquest itself would endure for decades, offering fans of swords and sorcery an epic comic, and challenging the domination of comics books by the Big Two and by superheroes. I know a lot of people who still hold a special place in their hearts for the comic, even if it has faded from view.

    • BurgundySuit

      Oh, WaRP – Wendy and Richard Pini. I just got that.

  • Rosy Fingers

    I wonder if those Japanese covers are less headache inducing when you can read the language, so the characters don’t just seem like random geometry, because those designs hurt my eyes like a Bridget Riley painting.

  • Rosy Fingers
    • BurgundySuit

      You know, maybe if he changed his name to the Ghost Who Punches Gorillas he would have been bigger in this country.

      • Rosy Fingers

        There comes a time when The Phantom must leave the jungle – and walk the streets as an ordinary man… On these occasions he is known as Mr. Walker.*

        You’re probably right. But I think that if he had to walk into a city tavern and introduce himself as Mr. Gorilla-Puncher, it would give the game away.

        *For The Ghost Who Walks.

  • DJ JD

    Yep, now I’m sorry I can’t read about THE BIG WHEEL. Spidey’s fighting a guy (and losing!) and all of the sudden a giant wheel just all rolls up in the place shooting guns wildly… This stuff writes itself!

  • mr_apollo

    Hmmm…how many furries were born of that Eerie cover?