• BurgundySuit

    You’ve got to love how, at the same time it was racking up Oscar noms for Runaway Train, Cannon was still churning out shit like this, American Ninja, and Death Wish 3.

  • I’m just gonna assume there were a lot of “Nightman Cometh”-type shenanigans that happened during the making of this. I’m sure “what, what in God’s name are you talking about, there’s no pedophilia” was said on more than one occasion.

    • BurgundySuit

      You’ve got to pay the ghoul toll
      To get into the boy’s hole…

    • Miller

      Holy shit, this is it exactly — The Gang Makes A Horror Parody. Perfect combination of badass signifiers and unacknowledged depravity, how did I not see this.

  • Babalugats

    What happens when bad taste goes bad? When you aim for ironic trash and hit sincere pedophilia, when you go for the ghoulish gore of EC Comics and wind up re-enacting the Holocaust?

    I believe this is what they call in the business a “grabber.”

    This is a great article that had me flip flopping between “I need to see this movie” and “Oh my god, why would anyone watch that?” at every paragraph.

    • Miller

      Ha, thanks! I didn’t want to beat around the bush about what makes this so weird. And I would say it’s worth a watch (the whole movie is on YouTube) if you can stomach that turn at the end, the Cassie stuff is more mind-bogglingly terrible in its conception than truly awful. Frankly, I undersold some of the movie’s general weirdness.

  • Drunk Napoleon

    How old was she again?

    • The Narrator

      /Michael Caine

      She was only twelve years old!

    • Miller

      SHE IS 12!

  • Defense Against The Dark Arts

    So you never said if Jessie and Cassie end up together. That romance sounded like one for the ages. That age being 12 years old!