• Rosy Fingers

    How on Earth did a Batman/Judge Dredd crossover come to pass? I’d love to read that one. And do they team up in the end? If not, who wins?

    Also, I have that Calvin & Hobbes book!

    • thesplitsaber

      ‘How on Earth did a Batman/Judge Dredd crossover come to pass? I’d love to read that one. And do they team up in the end? If not, who wins?’

      This is actually the first of 3 (!!) Batman/Dredd crossovers. Dredd used some sort inter dimensional future mumbo jumbo to end up in Batman’s universe.

      • Rosy Fingers

        Okay, fair enough. But who won?!

        Obviously I knew Batman from the TV series and the movie, and he is a famous comic star, but for whatever reason Judge Dredd was and is the NAME celebrity in that match-up, as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping he wasn’t disgraced.

  • Rosy Fingers

    Those Rock n Roll comics always intrigued me but they were invariably about shitty bands so I never actually purchased one. I mean Elton John’s great but I never saw that one, just, like, Metallica and Skid Row and so on.

  • Miller

    I don’t recall Kelley Jones being terrible but that depiction of Catwoman on the Batman cover may be the worst comic art I’ve ever seen in my life, and I looked at the rest of that cover and all of the Liefield knockoffs here. Holy shit. On the plus side, Milk and Cheese! A bottle to the head from enraged dairy products is preferable to looking at some of these covers.

    • Dead Jerk Jerk Dead

      It’s already been pointed out, but Bane’s portrayal in these keeps cracking me up. He looks like That One Warhammer 40k Space Marine that none of the other Marines want anything to do with. He reminds me of The Red Scare in Tick #10 or whatever: “You want Steroid Crunchies or Steroid Crunchies with marshmallows?” “…Marshmallow.”

  • thesplitsaber

    Covers I remember

    -Calvin and Hobbes. A pretty accurate summation of the summer of 93 for me.

    -Batman/Judge Dredd. I doubt I even knew who Dredd was (the Stallone movie being 2 years away). All I knew is this looked AWESOME.

    -NIght Thrasher. Hahahahaha

    -Catwoman. Here we are 25 years later and I have to say the purple suited, impossibly proportioned Catwoman is still what I think of when I think of the character (See also Batman).

    -Uncanny X Men. This was pretty much the high point of X Men comic/cartoon convergence. I cant remember why I couldnt miss this issue, but i remember not missing it.

    -METEOR MAN. Cooglers Black Panther cant come out fast enough.

  • Dead Jerk Jerk Dead

    -“The Trouble With Girls” is SMOKE BOMBS, obviously. I hate when I’m all dudded up, looking all hot with my handgun out, ready for a night on the town–and some woman throws smoke bombs. Dang it woman!

    -I basically can’t not grin at Calvin and Hobbes stills like that. Watterson earned his moments of peace by making Calvin’s life pretty stressful, and (even better) it was typically of his own doing. I miss that comic.

    -I can’t imagine why young me thought comics were basically all about sex, what with Catwoman being drawn as nude-with-a-weird-skin-color in two of those.

  • mr_apollo

    As someone who always liked Mario Hernandez’s work, I always thought he would have been better regarded had he not been related to Jamie and Gilberto. I had hoped Brain Capers would be an ongoing series, or at least an annual. Ah well.

    Milk & Cheese? There’s something in every issue that makes me laugh out loud.