• Yet another Spectre glow in the dark cover, in time for Halloween (remember that comics with a December cover date came out in October). The story under that cover had nothing to do with Halloween, instead launching a harrowing arc where DC’s most powerful character of the time decides to stand in judgement of the world. (Spoiler: he decides not to do that.)

    What was J’Onn J’Onzz up to? Why, he had shape-shifted to be…a woman! GASP! (It would be some time until writers would stop being so gender-binary about J’Onn’s abilities, and as far as I know, his TV version remains steadfastly male.)

    I think that the Legends of the Dark Knight special was the first time Tim Sale drew Batman with Jeph Loeb’s script (though not their first collaboration). The success of this led to another Halloween special and then The Long Halloween and its sequel, Dark Victory.

    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      I really like Sale’s weird, wildly exaggerated noir style with Batman (like the Joker’s ridiculously elongated teeth).

  • “I’m not sure ‘And we bring you recycling!’ is as threatening as the author thinks it is.”
    “Deadline’s in ten minutes. You have a better idea?”

  • Rosy Fingers

    I don’t know anything about The Boulevard of Broken Dreams but that is a wonderful cover. Sold! I’ll also take a copy of Vamperotica…

    • BurgundySuit

      I haven’t gotten to it yet either, but it is an acclaimed classic on the same level as all that other stuff I passed over to put a big ole basketball-playing Godzilla at the top of the page.

      • Rosy Fingers

        You made the right choice.

  • Rosy Fingers

    This month there was also this one. A fairly generic classic story wherein Diana Palmer is kidnapped again. It’s notable though for citing Diana’s occupation as “explorer” (maybe for the first time? Not certain) as opposed to “nurse” so it’s a small step along the way to her establishing a long and storied career as a nurse/explorer/Olympic diving champion/pilot/judo-karate black belt champion/United Nations Human Rights Envoy.


  • Babalu-ghost

    The NBA has gotten soft. I don’t care what kind of numbers Steph Curry is putting up, if he ever had to take ONE atomic blast from an unkillable god-monster he’d fold up like a cheap suit.

    I love Barkley’s expression there. “Eh, still beats playing Rodman”

  • Crimson Pico

    That Jae Lee cover is so goddamn ugly but it also looks like Iron Fist and Spider-Man are about to make out, right?

    Also I believe that Next Men cover is the color debut of Hellboy, who’d only been in one short b&w issue previously.

    • BurgundySuit

      The ugliness of Jae Lee’s is even weirder considering he evolved into one of the most hauntingly beautiful artists in comics. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8f53a4692b8489302c0136b7e3e0c69a3e7b79784821dfffcf168d0f4f20f8f5.jpg

      • Crimson Pico

        Yeah, that’s really outstanding work. You’d never know it was the same artist, side-by-side.

        • BurgundySuit

          And trust me, that Iron Fist thing is some of the BEST work he was doing that year.

        • A. Square

          I think that early period was Lee trying on all his influences like costumes, as young artists are wont to do. All his art from then is a clear rip off – Sienkiewicz, Sam Kieth, Simon Bisley, Kevin Nowlan – all kind of mashed together. The unifiying thing about those artists is their heavy, distinctive use of inks and shadow, and that I think informed Jae Lee’s development of a strong inking style of his own that has really matured over the years.

  • Cennywise The Ploughn

    I remember that MAD issue. I did not remember the tortured title parody, but I remember a few of the gags inside.

  • A. Square


    – Okay, 1993, you wanna see how to draw an enormous, blocky spacegun? Look at Art Adams’ DHP cover there, ye lazy, and despair.

    – Did Vril Dox turn into Thrakkorzog from The Tick vs. The Common Cold?

    – Bernie Wrightson never gets enough credit for how good a comedic artist he is, and his Sternn stuff is one of the rare places he got to show that off. His Creepshow GN showed how good he was at skirting the line between horror and laughs – in a way, Wrightson was like the perfect EC Comics artist, just as at home drawing Vault of Horror as MAD.

    – Christian Rossi is definitely a name I’ve learned from these roundups. (These are awesome and I love them, Burgundy.) Gorgeous work.

    – Was Mort, The Dead Teenager drawn to specifically evoke Archie Andrews (thus beating Afterlife With Archie by thirty years)?

    – I’ve had the idle thought every now and then to reread the Bone Saga, but while I think that the original B+W has all primacy, I have heard good things about the color version. So I’m torn.

    – I take it Gary Groth is the skinless dude behind Madman.

    – Damn, Kelley Jones really was everywhere those days, huh? I approve – it’s like, “You want huge muscles and gritted teeth and ropy strands of saliva? Well close your eyes and bend over, True Believer!”

    – Will the Nineties version of a virtual reality interweb ever come back? I think it’s inevitable, and I can’t wait.

    – Stan Lee is cool and all , but did you have to shout that in my face, Kyle Baker lady.

    – Leif Jones had a comic, eh? I remember him as a distinctive fantasy/horror illustrator, good stuff.

    – That Mike Golden cover looks like a lost Dr. Dinosaur (from Atomic Robo) serial adventure.

    – Arzach made it to New Mexico? Now I’m picturing him stuck in America, short order cooking in a roadside diner while the pterodactyl gives ten-buck rides to passerby.

    – So did Seth pretty much lay the blueprint for the next twenty-odd years of hipsterism?

    – Zenith! Its climax is a high point that Morrison has attempted to replicate again and again, to diminishing returns.

    – Has Strangers In Paradise gotten any kind of retroactive popularity? I’d think that the millennial and postmillennial generations would appreciate this story a lot more than ours did.

    – The Spectre + “Ghost Riders In The Sky” + “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” = BOSSSS

    – Magnus vs. Nexus is a great idea – the Valiant revival even showed that the robots Magnus robot-fought were sentients with emotions, personalities, and a desire for freedom so great they turned to terrorism to achieve it. Which make Magnus a mass murderer, and therefore subject to the wrath of The Great Nexus. Guess who I’m rooting for?

  • thesplitsaber

    Covers I remember

    -Crazyman. Though im not sure why

    -Hero Illustrated. Looks deceptively like a still from Raimis Spider Man

    -Adentures of Superman. We all remember Supes gun toting white supremacist nemesis right??

    -Judge Dredd The Magazine

    -Zorro. It wouldnt be a pulp revival without Z!

    -Dark Horse Comics (magazine?).

    -Catwoman. Meow.


    -ShadowHawk. What if Batman KILLED PEOPLE maaaan??? (and also had aids eventually).

    -Gambit. AT LAST!


    -The Shadow. This might have been the first time I encountered the word Leviathan. Im sure I had no idea what it meant.

    -The Batman Adventures. Just like everything else BTAS had a definitive take on Com. Gordon. Even surrounded by goons you know not to count him out.