• Spoiler: Spidey’s powers are useless but his wits aren’t. It’s amazing how useful a rubber hose can be against an electrical foe.

    And who is that shaking Superman’s hand? It’s JFK disguised as Clark Kent, because if you can’t trust the president of the United States with your secret identity, who can you trust? (Oh, our naivete!) Sadly, tragically, this issue came out the week after JFK’s assassination, and DC was unable to recall it. It was an awkward, painful moment for many readers, I am sure, but I suspect that for those who loved Camelot it would soon become a fond tribute.

    • Rosy Fingers

      Well, that mystery is cleared up. It’s a good story that kinda epitomises that political/pop cultural moment in time. Now why are Supergirl, Batman and Robin lining up to shake the hand of the fellow they work with all the time?

  • Rosy Fingers

    It may have been the Marvel age of comics, but almost all of those covers are D.C…


  • Dingle Jells Jells Dingle

    All American Men of War: folks, our Navajo Aces shoot down incoming MiGs with a flare pistol…when the MiGs are physically trailing a wing in the water…because that’s how All American Men of War fight.