• Ah, Starfox, Marvel’s most repugnant hero, who uses his powers to seduce women. No, definitely not a big deal in retrospect.

    The Action Comics 45th anniversary issue is notable for the introduction of Luthor’s power suit, which has come and gone in various forms ever since; and a more horrific and robotic version of Brainiac, a look that didn’t last but was accompanied by a skull-shaped spacecraft that would be used by later versions of the character. More importantly, the names of the creators of the comic are on the cover, something that DC would start doing with regularity not long after this issue. I loved the Luthor story in this comic – it tries hard to endow him with at least some humanity, as well as a new reason to hate Superman that goes beyond “he made me bald.”

    • Rosy Fingers

      The other Avengers don’t seem very impressed with Starfox.

  • Rosy Fingers

    1) That Archie comic features Little Archie but the banner headline promises an “Archie Giant Series.” Twice! What gives, Archie? Sort your proportions out!

    2) DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR is a real pleasure. I read through an anthology of like ten or twenty years of strips and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with those characters and seeing them grow up.

    3) This month THE PHANTOM vaguely waves a blade in the general direction of a pirate’s detachable, floating arm.


    • Drunk Napoleon

      “Inside this comic is a Giant Medium-Sized Archie!”

    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      I really liked that Dykes anthology too.

  • mr_apollo

    Pacific Comics’ Twisted Tales and Alien Worlds were what got me into comics as a teenager. They were EC pastiches with an impressive stable of artists, including Dave Stevens, Rand Holmes, and Richard Corben. They were also impressive in that Bruce Jones wrote almost all the stories, four per issue, on a monthly basis for well over a year. The two titles would alternate each month.

    As far as I know, no one has ever collected or republished them. I wonder if the rights are in legal limbo land.