• Impossible to overstate the importance of Captain America’s return. Their original flagship hero was back. The past was fully made part of the timeline, no Earth 1/Earth stuff like at DC. And I have the sense that fans really wanted Cap back, given how quickly he got his own comic and then how he became the main character in Avengers. Hard to guess what a Marvel without Cap would be like.

    Even as I ponder how strange it seems that Cap had trouble adjusting to 1964. Yes, 19 years is a long time, but the changes between 1945 and 1964 were probably smaller than between, say, 1998 and today. And most of Steve’s friends were still alive, so a lot less lonely than in the MCU.

    • Rosy Fingers

      Of all the covers here, that one’s the most striking. It really pops.

      • glorbes

        That Kirby Magic.

  • Rosy Fingers

    That issue of Asterix was the not the best of them but it did centre around Cacofonix who is one of my favourite side characters, so that’s nice. It’s the first issue that has Obelix gathering the helmets of beaten Romans as trophies and also the first time he utters his catchphrase “These Romans are crazy.”

  • Rosy Fingers


    Oh dear… Well nobody ever said The Phantom wasn’t pretty racist.

  • Babalugats

    Help! You’re the only one who can save us from the terrible thing that happened to us!

    Somebody missed a deadline.

    • Rosy Fingers

      DC cover artist: “Wait you want me to draw a city full of people who aren’t there? Are they ghosts?”
      “Inter-dimensional abstractions? … Fuck it, I’m gonna draw ’em as ghosts. You can figure out how to describe it later.”