• Conor Malcolm Crockford

    That Vulture on the Spider-Man cover tells me John Romita Jr. understandably hadn’t quite figured himself out yet in 1983…

    God do I love Bloom County.

  • Bloom County is just the fucking best. Especially in those early years before it got too deep into its bizarre plotting (though I love that, too).

  • Hooray for Bloom County.

    Big month for debuts. While Jason Todd had appeared in previous issues of Batman and Detective, it was in Detective 526 where the idea of him becoming a new sidekick to Batman was first raised. He wouldn’t be Robin for a little while, but it was still a big thing to start the ball rolling. (He wasn’t the Jason Todd we know now, though. He was the orphaned son of circus performers, an origin so overly familiar that DC was bound to rewrite his origin at the first opportunity.)

    And while James “Rhodey” Rhodes had bounced around the cast of Iron Man for a while, it wasn’t until this month that he was forced to take over as Iron Man for an alcoholic Tony Stark.

  • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

    All right, literally 100% of people chiming in with their love of Bloom County. Add me to that list.

    I’m lucky to have been just old enough to have read a little bit of it while it was still running. Sharp and relevant politically while also having a heavy dose of whimsy and absurdity. Remarkable to look back now and see in so many ways how little has changed. The strip, after all, ended with Donald Trump– well, his brain in Bill the Cat’s body, but still– buying out the strip and gutting it, firing everybody.

  • Rosy Fingers

    I have never read, or really even heard of, Bloom County. It’s good you say?

  • Rosy Fingers

    This month in THE PHANTOM, part 1 of new story “The Search for Rex.” Spoiler: He’s behind you!