• No, the X-Men aren’t dead, but it took weeks for Beast and Jean Grey to learn otherwise for no good reason.

    Yes, the Not Ready for Prime Time Players really did team up with Spidey. Stan Lee was the guest host on SNL, too.

    Yes, that What If? is for real, but I have never had the pleasure of reading it.

    And while “A Contract with God” is from Eisner’s “urban landscape with lots of Jews” period, and should have been groundbreaking, it’s routinely dismissed as mawkish and inferior to his more comic booky work. When there was a museum show that included his work a decade or so back, it had a lot of The Spirit and none of his later graphic novels. Exhibition consultant Art Spiegelman was very dismissive of the later work, even though in some ways it was closer to Maus than The Spirit.