• Conor Malcolm Crockford

    Hey the Hobgoblin!!!

    • This is the first, totally false, reveal of who Hobby was. In fact, the internet tells me, the true identity of the character wasn’t made known till 1997.

  • I am getting mighty sick of all this equivocation about Reuben Flagg. No one talked this way about his brother Randy–you knew what you were getting with that (walkin’) dude.

    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      Plus he could shape shift, which was pretty badass.

  • The Heart Of A Gnu Generation

    I wonder what caused Green Lantern and Green Arrow to get so heated? It says in the corner “The Battle of Values That Shook A Nation!” Maybe Green Lantern believed in the Keynesian economic theory while Green Arrow believed in a more laissez-faire approach.

    • If either is a Keyesian, it’s Ollie the liberal. But I would drop dead from shock if Hal had a clue about economics. (Ollie ran his own company, so I figure he knew something of the dismal science when not using boxing glove arrows.)

      • The Heart Of A Gnu Generation

        Maybe it was a disagreement over what’s more effective at fighting evil: arrows or alien rings?

        • They’re clearly yelling “Lord Palmerston!”/”Pitt! The! Elder!” at each other.

  • Rosy Fingers

    This issue of VANESSA: DIE FREUNDIN DER GEISTER comes with “Mit tollem Poster” and I would love a Vanessa poster so very much.

    THis month THE PHANTOM wants you to put your hands up. Eh, or not. He’s good either way. Up to you really.

  • Glorbes

    That Alpha Flight cover is great. I know Byrne is kind of a problematic dick, but the man could draw.