• The death of Supergirl. Which was not a well done death, but was an important one. At least until DC reintroduced the concept three or four times. Including in a great PAD series.

    The first time I read anything by PAD was Web of Spider-Man 7. Where I encountered both his philosophical bent and his bad puns.

    This was also when I first encountered Kurt Busiek, in Red Tornado, a miniseries that was so unimportant that the very next month, Red Tornado was destroyed. It was a while till Busiek created Astro City, maybe in part because he was tired of seeing his work undone. Or maybe, as he said in a column at the time, he always liked the minor characters and wanted to tell their stories.

  • Rosy Fingers

    Seems like there’s a lot more alternative, underground and weird comics this month. Was there an explosion at this time or is just the luck of the draw?

    Comics that nine-year-old me would’ve bought:

    2000 AD
    (I do have this issue)
    Groo the Wanderer
    And I would have been intrigued enough by Normal Man and EB’NN that probably I’d buy them and be weirded out.

    • BurgundySuit

      I just go with whatever covers are the most striking, so yeah, mostly luck of the draw. But indie comics were huge this year (especially with the Ninja Turtles starting to break big.)

  • The Reese’s Pieces one wins the WTF Award.

    • thesplitsaber

      Not NORMAL MAN??