• Bloodlines gave us Hitman. And that was pretty much it, though a few other characters introduced in these rather repetitive annuals did stick around for a little while. The Flash annual had a guy named Argus (not to be confused with DC’s version of SHIELD) who was a hero but also a cop deep undercover in the local mob, and who would pop up every now and then as the other guy giving news tips to Wally West’s girlfriend, Linda Park.

  • Rosy Fingers

    That all looks exhausting…

  • A. Square

    – Art Nichols seems to be doing his best “George Perez-million-people-on-a-page-but-still-clean” impression. Almost made it!

    -“Doc Namor: Atlantean of Bronze”? (Stelfreeze always did make people look like sexy robots.)

    -Anyone remember Vess’ own comic, I think it was called Book of Unwritten Tales? It was a real treat: full-on, headfirst folktalery, in the British Isles-to-Appalachia vein, with page after page of Vess’ lush, dark romanticism. I can hear Fairport Convention just thinking about it.

    -“The Unbearable Darkness of Being.” Goddamn it, you made me want to read a New Warriors comic!

    – I straight up did not know Tommy Monaghan was introduced in an issue of The Demon!

    – That is the calmest and most sanguine I’ve ever seen Hank Henshaw. Maybe because everything else on that cover is Super-Angry?

    – Blanka vs. Eradicator. Round One. FIGHT!!

    – I love 2-D specific visual elements in comics, like Face Thief there – Moore’s 1963 really dug into that kind of thing hard, which is one of the many reasons why I loved it.

    – I never read any of that Bloodlines crossover, but just going by the covers I do kinda like the variety of technodinos they’ve thrown at the heroes, like Punk S’ym up there. Did Rita Repulsa decide to attack the DCU that year?

    • BurgundySuit

      A lot of the material that was collected in Vess’ book actually showed up in these galleries!

  • thesplitsaber

    Covers I remember-NONE thank god. This looks like peak Dark Age/Early 90s to me.