• BurgundySuit

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    And here’s our schedule so far:
    NO DATE: Wallflower: The Royal Tenenbaums
    NO DATE: Wallflower: Strange Little Girls
    NO DATE: Son of Griff: The Man Who Wasn’t There

    March 12th: Joseph Finn: Not Another Teen Movie!
    March 15th: Conor Malcolm Crockford: Heist
    March 16th: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: Millenium Actress
    March 19th: The Narrator: Reveal
    March 20th: ZoeZ: The Others
    March 21st: Clytie: Fast Food Nation
    March 22nd: John Bruni: Southern Rock Opera
    March 23rd: Ice Cream Planet: Mulholland Dr.
    March 24th: Balthazar Bee: Jason X
    March 25th: Ruck Cohlchez: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    March 27th: ZoeZ: The Birthday of the World and Other Stories
    March 29th: BurgundySuit: Chartbusting!
    March 30th: Miller: Monkeybone

    And April’s gonna we’re gonna look at an extra niiice year:

    NO DATE: Gillianren: Paul Rudd
    NO DATE: Jacob Thomas Klemmer: My Night at Maud’s
    NO DATE: Joseph Finn: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    April 30th: BurgundySuit: Chartbusting!

  • Conor Malcolm Crockford

    “Would you…shit on me?”

    • The Ploughman

      “Glasses and a ponytail?! There’s no way she could be prom queen!”

  • Irish Eyes Of A Gnu Generation

    Is this the one with the exchange student that’s naked through the whole movie? It’s surprising that I remember that.

    • Joseph Finn

      That’s the one! Kind of a one-note joke that doesn’t especially go anywhere.

    • She has one of my favorite jokes – how her subtitles are spaced apart enough to never cover her boobs.

      • Irish Eyes Of A Gnu Generation

        I’ve gotta watch this movie again.

      • Joseph Finn

        The subtitles joke is actually pretty great.

  • DJ JD

    “…a joke that I should hate but just makes me smile.” That nicely sums up my reaction to a great deal of this movie. I remember alternately cringing hard at it and quite enjoying it. Pretty much anything scatological in here, I wished wasn’t there (but in all fairness, they seemed to be deliberately going for that anyway.) But then other parts that should’ve made me want to watch something else, like Randy Quaid’s slovenly father figure, somehow tended to get a surprised barking laugh out of me instead. Anyway, I remember on first viewing thinking that Chris Evans seemed ridiculously comfortable in front of the camera, and Ringwald’s cameo is surprisingly high on my list of favorites of its type: “Fucking teenagers!”

  • Rube E. Tewesday

    My kid, who was about a year old when this movie came out and has never seen any of the movies it parodies, roared and laughed at this. It really does hold up.

  • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

    I haven’t seen this in a long time, but I do remember it being genuinely funny for pretty much the whole runtime, and surprisingly so; given that basically everything else in the “___ Movie” parody format is Friedberg/Seltzer trash.

    Favorite joke I vaguely remember that wasn’t mentioned: The two black guys running into each other at the party and having the awkward moment because each of them was supposed to be the One Black Friend.

    • Ruck Cohlchez 🌹

      Also, I 100% use “It’s already been brought-en” to this day.