• Yup, here it is. The moment Bane breaks Batman’s back. Yawn. (Bane was incredibly dull in those days, though over the years, various writers made him less a killing machine and more an actual character. Too bad DC left his creator, Chuck Dixon, have the reigns back again, making him dull once more.)

    But the big comic of the month – maybe of the year – is book two of The Golden Age, James Robinson and Paul Smith’s re-examination of DC’s WWII-era heroes after the war. It’s one of my all time favorite comics, with amazing art by Smith – known at the time for X-Men and later Robinson’s collaborator on Leave It to Chance – and a sharp, smart, humanistic story where Robinson let his love for the Golden Age of comics and of that era shine through for the first time. While it’s considered an “Elseworlds” (non-continuity) series, what Robinson did with the original Starman here would be the basis for what he would do with that character and his family in the classic Starman series to follow.

    Oh, and that Spectre cover? It glowed in the dark, with the faces becoming skulls.

    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      Did anyone here ever listen to the Knightfall audio drama adaptation? I got it from my library as a kid and kinda liked it. I think the idea of Knightfall – Batman meets a foe stronger and smarter than him and has to reclaim himself – is better than any execution of that plot so far and I couldn’t tell you why its so hard to get right. Maybe because the writers can’t resist filling it with unnecessary plot elements (Azrael! The cops are trapped in the sewers for like seven months somehow!)

  • jroberts548

    Wow, Bane’s ridiculous. The 90s were a real nadir in comic book art.

    “Hey, I like what you did here, but what if you drew the muscles bigger? Like way bigger. So big that it destroys any sense of aesthetic balance and composition in the image.”
    – every coked up comics executive for like 10 years.

    • HypercubeVillain

      “Musclemans don’t have necks; they got neck humps!” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHRzjguU2pU

    • Miller

      That stuff is indeed terrible but man do I love dem Vertigo house style covers.

    • Couldn’t Batman just get behind him, and then just keep jumping around every time Bane ponderously turned to get him? Gotta think that kind of build hinders your flexibility.

    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      What’s messed up is Joel Schumacher pretty much adopted that sort of insane lack of balance in Batman and Robin for Bane and lost any sense of sinister intellectualism about the character. Whatever we think of TDKR the Bane of the movie is not a stupid man.

      • thesplitsaber

        I mean he was just the muscle to Talia.

  • HypercubeVillain

    Not only did the accident give Darkman new powers and a mutilated face; it apparently gave him another set of wisdom teeth!

  • Crimson Pico

    Ack, I keep wanting to treat that Warlock cover like a Magic Eye. It is not. Please don’t do to your eyes what I did.

  • Babalu-ghost

    Half this damn page has gotten their own franchise, and somehow nobody’s ever made a Jurassic Jerk movie?! What the hell Hollywood?

    • Miller

      It is impossible for me not to hear “Jurassic JERK” in the voice of Jay Sherman.

    • thesplitsaber

      Terrible ThunderLizards from EEK the Cat was pretty much a G rated Dinosaurs for Hire.

  • Rosy Fingers

    I never cared much for Marvel but I was always intrigued by their “What If?” issues, which is weird since I didn’t know or care about the lore of the characters. I just wanted to see them in unfamiliar situations. I have a Marvel “What If?” comic from around this time that’s “What if Wolverine became Lord of the Vampires?” It’s literally the only X-Man-related comic I’ve ever bought but I re-read it so many times…

    When slash fiction became a thing a few years later I was into it for a quick moment until I realised the stories would only ever be about fucking. I just wanted stories where worlds mooshed together, like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Alas, alas…

  • thesplitsaber

    Covers I Remember

    -3 KnightFall issues??? 7 year old me was in heaven.

    -Superman. I feel like Goyer and Snyder must have had a wall mural of this EXTREME Robo Superman cover when writing BvS:DoJ

    -BLOODSTRIKE. I just remember the blood permanently on there so maybe my copy was broken?

    -And Time In Over Drive which appears to be a collection of my all time favorite comic Mark Schultz Xenozoic Tales (later renamed Cadillacs And Dinosaurs). Everything 7 year old me could want-post apocalyptic adventure, pulp tropes, dinosaurs, clever world building. It would be about a decade before I actually read the comics proper, but I was glued to this for the 6 or 7 saturday mornings it aired


    • BurgundySuit

      Cadillacs. Dinosaurs. Has anyone ever needed less of a roadmap?