• Some interesting stuff here. Our Worlds at War begins, and runs through the rest of the summer. I don’t remember a ton about it, aside from there is an alien invasion from someone named Imperiex, that Lex Luthor gets to be a war president, that Darkseid work with Earth temporarily, and that Topeka, Kansas is destroyed. I didn’t buy much of it, but the crossover into Batman was pretty good.

    Flash: Iron Heights introduced the prison seen today on the Flash TV show, as well as Warden Wolfe. This was the start of DC pumping up Geoff Johns’s run on the series, a run that would last for many years and propel Johns to stardom.

    Just Imagine: Stan Lee Creates the DC Universe kind of sucked.

    And the biggest moment here was Starman 80, the final issue of the series that defined DC at its best in the 90s. Tony Harris, who left the series some time earlier in something of a fight with James Robinson, returned for the last cover, and Peter Snejbjerg provided the inside art, as he’d done for the previous 30 issues. The story was an ending, with Jack Knight quitting as a hero to start a family in San Francisco, passing the Cosmic Rod to Stargirl, and hoping to become a painter. Except for a cameo at a funeral in 2004’s Identity Crisis, Jack hasn’t been seen again, part of a rare arrangement with Robinson forbidding anyone to use Jack without Robinson’s permission. It’s so weird for any character to so totally vanish (though the Shade did come back in a 2011-12 miniseries and a one-off Starman 81 during Blackest Night, both written by Robinson as if nothing had ever changed).

  • Rosy Fingers

    There’s an abundance of great covers here this month. The wild varience in styles is beautiful and seems to indicate that there was a lot of investment in creative energy. Which is what makes it so weird when you hit something so stale and regressive as Lady Death – shouldn’t she be adorning a 1980’s panel van?

    Anyway, this month The Phantom says, “Hi, guys!” One of the featured stories in this issue, “The Limper,” may well be my favourite. It’s definitely up there. A “man-eating tiger” is terrorising a village and Phantom goes to hunt it down in the long grasses. Turns out tiger was injured by a careless big game hunter and can’t catch normal food so is reduced to eating humans, so Phantom re-homes her to his Island of Eden to live in peace with his other animal friends like Fuzzy the lion, Stegy the stegasaur and Hzzz the bigfoot.

    • The Ploughman

      Does Wambo the Gambler also live on that island? Does it have a resort and casino?

      • Rosy Fingers

        He’s two islands over, on Pleasure Island.

  • bastien

    Does Wambo the Gambler also live on that island? Does it have a resort and casino?

  • Irish Eyes Of A Gnu Generation

    That Superman Adventures cover is great! It reminds me of the “Why We Fight” propaganda posters put out during World War 2. It’s only missing “Buy War Bonds” below the drawing of Superman.

  • cesarm

    Does Wambo the Gambler also live on that island? Does it have a resort and casino?