• An important month. At least for me, since Mysterious Suspense marks the Question’s only book length appearance during the Charlton era. And since the Diana (Rigg) Prince era started for Wonder Woman, even though it was kind of awful. And because the Vision, now a movie star at last, made his debut.

    And let’s not forget Brother Power the Geek, one of DC’s most bizarre characters. Look for him again tomorrow, and then not again until Neil Gaiman brought him back in a Swamp Thing comic in the 80s.

    • BurgundySuit

      Now what would a man who looks like you care about The Question?

  • DJ JD

    Humanity got their crud together and now Superman is sad. BUY THE COMIC! Batman and Robin are horrified by the silhouette of an attractive woman. BUY THE COMIC! Two complete lunatics surfbike-body-paint on a custom surfbike because one of them is hipmodboss man I can’t even finish that thought. That cover did teach me that calling something “boss” is older than I’d thought, though.