• Well said, as always. I missed out on doing Lovefest this year (just too busy/disorganized/not even keeping up with my own self-imposed blog projects) but it was and is a terrific series. I always enjoy reading everyone else’s takes and discovering new movies I haven’t seen or wouldn’t have bothered with.

    • Blancheccrowder

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  • Fresno Bob

    I somehow missed the Tradefest idea, but I like the idea. Was there a discussion thread about it?

    • There was, and it was all kind of rapid. If you want in for next month, Henry Dykstal is the one running it. I’m not sure it was open for more than a couple of hours.

  • I still love Hatefest. In no small part because it shows me flaws in movies I love. But, also because it shows people that few movies are unassailable (and some are fatally flawed).

    Yay for the Facebook group! Not having FB, I haven’t seen what they’ve all been up to lately.

    • I think Hatefest has some good ideas behind it, but it’s too easy to just get really dismissive. That said, it was nice to get all my bile out at Dallas Buyers Club.

      There’s some good stuff going in the Facebook group. I have a tendency to see more of the good than the bad, possibly because of my tendency to just not read things that don’t appeal to me, but I think Tradefest is going to be fascinating. I may post my entry here as well as Letterboxd.

  • The Ploughman

    Awesome to know these still go on. Enough to make me wade back into the Facebook wilds when my time frees up again.

  • Techngro

    I’m here because Death to Smoochy.