• Conor Malcolm Crockford

    I’m with you – until very recently (like…this month), I was usually too broke to go see movies or buy them brand spanking new. My DVDs are usually 5 bucks at the most and I only see movies if I absolutely consider it essential, a la Star Wars.

    • I don’t know when we’re going to be able to see Star Wars.

      • Conor Malcolm Crockford

        I mean I just saw it when I had some Christmas money because I didn’t wanna get spoiled at all, especially on Facebook. But anybody who’d do that anyway is a dick.

  • Son of Griff

    My parents missed out on what was going on in the movies when they were raising my brother and I, mostly out of time and exhaustion. It baffles my mom that I’ve seen more movies from the time of her adulthood than she has.

    The availability of movies vs. their overall costs is a big problem for catching up with contemporary cinema for me. The notion that movies are a widely accdessible, popular art form seems rather quaint considering the service oriented direction of theater exhibition and the need for good wi-fi for streaming.

  • The Voice of A Gnu Generation

    I feel your pain. Here’s what I do because I live in the middle of nowhere, work six days a week and have a 4 year old daughter who insists on being fed. https://gomovies.tech/

  • I have a few movies a year I want to see, & I budget for them. I’m perversely lucky that no one else in the family is really interested in going to the movies, so I usually just pay for myself. But I’m often invited by friends, and I just can’t make it. Finances are more brutal than usual this year.

    Recent acquisition threads? Nope. My only luxury buys these days are second-hand books. I mean, I’m largely moving away from physical media in general, but it still sucks to be reminded that I couldn’t afford them even if I wanted to.

  • Son of FilmFlamMan

    I’ve really taken a look at the way I budget and have determined that I can’t afford to purchase BluRays or DVDs that will just sit on the shelf or that I will only see once or twice. I’m shifting my mindset to really afford only what I can and not live beyond my means. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to take care of family and the associated costs of living not only with myself but them as well take up costs that I can’t afford to spend anymore. I hadn’t been able to afford to watch movies until fairly recently and I have overspent and underestimated the amount of time I’ve had available to watch them.

    Having been surrounded by folks that do share the abundance of films they’ve seen or even own, I sort of got caught up in the mindset of digital shopping basket browsing, sorta putting things in a digital cart, looking at them, and putting them back. Obviously, that’s a huge waste of time, but admittedly it fulfilled some sort of desire to feel like I had some sort of pleasure fulfilled. Looking back, it was sort of foolish to fantasize in that way and to obsess over the lifestyles of others, at least as far as accessibility to different movies.

    There’s some part of me that takes pleasure in the idea of curation at the home and the accessibility of various film and television shows on my shelf if there is scarcity in availability, especially when streaming services don’t offer full availability of titles (and if they do, it’s for a higher cost).

    (More thoughts later…)

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  • CParis

    My town library has an extensive selection of films and TV series on DVD/Bluray. And they’re part of a state-wide network, so anything they don’t have can usually be obtained from a participating library. My tax dollars at work. I love it!

    • Brittany

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    • My next Wednesday column will be about my Great Library Project’s completion. However, it’s not quite the same as being able to get to the theatre on a regular basis.