Recent Hacking Activity Is A Hideous Display Of Cowardice

Today, another development in the Sony hacking scandal occurred, this time with threats of violence involved. The terrorist group that hacked Sony is now threatening movie theaters showing The Interview and people who see the film, saying those who show or watch the movie will suffer a “bitter fate” , that on Christmas Day (when the movie is released) “The world will be full of fear” and then note their attacks will remind people of 9/11.

As someone who loves film and looks to them for joy, escapism and wonder, I’m at a loss for words over this kind of matter. These people, who leaked the social security numbers and other personal information of Sony employees, obviously have no sense of decency or remorse. These are cowardly scumbags who look to use fear to gain power.

I have no idea how serious these threats are, but I do hope theaters use proper precautions in the coming days. Safety should be a primary concern for all of us going forward, but even with that looming over our heads, we must march on. We shouldn’t have to live our lives in fear of something as wonderful as going to the cinema or, infinitely more importantly, feeling safe and secure with our loved ones over the holiday season simply because of some nutjob terrorists. By letting these monstrous human beings control our lives like that, we’re allowing them victory, and that just can’t occur. Now, that’s not to say we can’t be on alert for potential tragedies. Again, I urge theater owners to make sure their cinemas safe, and for those in the FBI, CIA and other law enforcement agencies to bring these hideous human beings to justice. This newest piece of hideous activity is only the most recent example of their disgusting depravity and hopefully that depravity comes to a swift end shortly.
Another horrid piece of development of these terrorists activities that many news outlets haven’t shone much of a light on is the aforementioned leaking of private information of various Sony employees. For those employees and their families affected by the hacking, you are in my prayers and thoughts.