• Martin Jensen

    I’ll take Stranger by the Lake or Interior. Leather. Bar. over Blue is the Warmest Color any day. Also I’ve heard good things about Love is Strange, so I’m interested in checking that out.

    And I don’t know when it’s being released but the German horror film Der Samurai has been playing festivals for a while, and it’s pretty good (won’t spoil the nature of the gay theme). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7F9_UQodwc

    • Both Stranger and Interior were made by gay dudes and thus felt like they were a piece with gay culture. Ironically, Stranger felt like it was meant to be an in-community discussion whereas Interior was meant to be hoisted upon everybody else. I’m not sure if either of them accomplished much in terms of homosexual image, but they’re both in my top five of the year. Just because I think their politics could be misconstrued, doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

      The next two, though…

      • Martin Jensen

        Have you seen anything else by Travis Mathews? I’ve heard good things about In Their Room.

        • I haven’t yet. Everybody tells me to check out I Want Your Love, but I just don’t want to shell out at Naked Sword for it.

  • Anthony Pizzo

    Actual text conversation from January, 2013, re: Interior. Leather Bar, when my friend Kelly went to Sundance. (Approximated)

    Me: On a Kinsey scale of 1 to 6, how gay was it?
    Kelly: 6 1/2.
    Me: Wow. What’s the half star for?
    Kelly: There’s a scene where he’s watching gay porn and just nodding at it in approval.
    Me: So half a star for nodding?

    • Interior. Leather Bar. is available streaming on Netflix; you should totally watch it.

      I’m not sure if Franco is coming out, or if gay is the new black. By which I mean, back in the day (1950s) artists used to toy with black identity signifiers in order to both be seen as an outsider and to align themselves with the black identity. Sort of a cultural appropriation, but still giving all the credit to the culture they were using to distinguish themselves. Franco is doing that with the gay culture instead of the black culture.

      • Anthony Pizzo

        I’m not sure about Franco’s orientation, either, though I think in his case the truth of it is less important than the fact that he’s turned the speculation into a never-ending publicity tool.

      • clytie

        That’s what I think he’s doing too. There were rumors not long ago that he was jealous because he feels that Benedict Cumberbatch is replacing him as the straight guy that plays gay.

        White pop stars still appropriate black culture. Mostly spoiled rich girls like Miley Cyrus.

        • I think modern white pop stars are appropriating in a manner that overtakes and dominates black culture, pushing the blacks out of their own culture. Which is similar to what I think Cucumberitch is doing with The Imitation Game.

          But, as an example, he co-directed Interior. Leather Bar. with a gay dude instead of taking credit himself. And he hired a bunch of gay dudes for the movie. I think Franco is trying to be a lot more respectful about his appropriation than Miley or, say, Jared Leto. I also think Jeffrey Tambor is hitting ALL the right notes with his appearances for Transparent.

    • clytie

      Franco banged a female student in one of his degree programs.

      Not to mention this: http://www.eonline.com/news/528026/james-franco-tried-to-pick-up-a-teenage-girl-on-instagram-what-the-actor-has-to-say-about-it-now

      I doubt he’s gay.

  • clytie
    • Doesn’t this feel a bit like Sondheim back pedaling about his criticism with Into the Woods…like the distributed held a gun to his head or something?

      • clytie

        I thought it seemed weird too, but the events depicts in the film are obviously very painful for him and I would be upset if the worst parts of my life were onscreen even if they were 100% factual and they were in a brilliant movie. I remember reading a quote from Stephen Glass about much it hurt when he watched Shattered Glass.