• “Now get out of the car and shoot him in the head!”

    In adapting Traffic, Soderbergh cut out a lot of Zeta-Jones’ role (played well by Lindsay Duncan in the miniseries). There are those who find her transition unmotivated, but I’ve known some La Jolla society wives. Half of them would fold immediately if their husbands were arrested, but the other half (and one in particular) would do exactly what Z-J does: go absolutely feral and turn into a firewire of ownage against anyone who threatens her family. That Z-J played this character without any explanation or justification was one of the great parts of a great movie.

    • Conor Malcolm Crockford

      Most movies would have her go into a spiral over the drug running, but there’s a nice touch in that she’s not angry that Miguel is a drug kingpin, it’s that he got caught, and that explains her morality in a sentence.

  • Conor Malcolm Crockford

    Also quite good in Side Effects and of course The Mask of Zorro – its a really sexualized part and I can’t say it’s not male gazey but she has tons of charisma and chemistry with Banderas.

    • DJ JD

      I’m convinced that Mask of Zorro is another of those movies that would’ve been terrible with a lesser cast. Fortunately for it, Banderas has charisma to spare, Hopkins is Hopkins and she more than held her own with those two.