• jroberts548

    I bet that panda got gas along with his stomach ache.

  • DJ JD

    We have a four-year-old boy, too, and we are similarly stumped by how to find educational programming that neither bundles unwanted messages in with their material, nor is dumb as a sack of rocks. Or rather, I should say we were similarly stumped, because one day my boy saw me playing Minecraft and pretty much ever since, all he wants to do is watch Minecraft videos on Youtube instead. Talk about not being able to handle some narrators…

    • Dora the Explorer seems to be really good about not being terrible. Plus, it teaches a few useful words in Spanish.

  • The Ploughman

    I, uh, learned something about atoms here!

    Kids (and by that I mean “my kids” and at the moment more specifically “my 5YO”) are amazing at absorbing information and they sometimes combine that information in insightful and advanced ways, the way they might spin a puzzle piece six times without getting it to fit and other times click it into place on the first try. Knowing they (she) are (is) capable of this puts me on alert to put in useful information for later pieces to access. I’m not a very thorough regulator, as it’s tough for me to explain in 5YO terms why Paw Patrol is dumb af, but I try to show how much more interested I am in hearing about Ready, Jet, Go or Martha Speaks or something.

  • Oh, damn. I was sitting here thinking Doc McStuffins was an awesome thing, because it’s about a black girl who wants to be a doctor, just like her also-black mother. That’s awesome for a TON of reasons, but….ugh.