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  • So LBJ did better than Lady Bird, but in the long run Lady Bird will be more successful?

    And I read that headline as “Larry Bird soars” for a second because he used to do that, sort of.

    Regarding the success of Ragnarok, I can speak for at least some of the masses when I say that I had zero interest in the first two Thor films, having read enough Thor comics to find him something of a bore. (I don’t even like the Walt Simonson run.) The now-infamous Roger Ebert review reinforced that decision, as did the (ongoing) snide remarks about Anthony Hopkins’s performance. Thor and Loki then failed to impress me at all in Avengers 1 (in general I am not big on Hiddleston), and nothing I heard about Thor 2 was interesting (I think it might compete with Iron Man 2 for “least beloved MCU film”). And yet I was in the theater the first weekend Ragnarok opened. Why?

    Part of it was Ghostbusters 2016, where Hemsworth stole the show with his comic timing. A small part of it was that in Avengers 2, Hemsworth had loosened up a good deal from the first Avengers film, rapidly moving up my “favorite Avengers” list (I came away from that film with half my opinions reversed). A lot of it was the buzz. And a good deal of it was “Thor: Civil War,” which was pretty in the same tone as the film and made a great bit of viral marketing.

    I have to hand it to Marvel that they really did make a rather odd concoction with a less-than-beloved hero into a smash. Granted, by now all MCU films do well, but it’s interesting that it beat Homecoming. Of course, we don’t have Thor fatigue the way we do Spidey fatigue.