• Good piece! A small correction, though–Bergman would make one more theatrical film before his television sojourn: 1980’s From the Life of the Marionettes (which I have not seen).

    I think a big part of why Bergman’s movies feel so theatrical at times is because of how static they can be–the camera barely moves at all, and while his mis en scene can be sumptuous, there often isn’t a ton of character interaction with it. I love Bergman and count him as one of my favorite filmmakers, and at its best, that style seems essential to the philosophical austerity of his work. But I can see why this empty stillness might not work for others. It’s no surprise that his most popular work among cinephiles is the one in which he makes the most dynamic use of cinematic technique: Persona.

    • BurgundySuit

      Marionettes is so fucking intense. I love it.

      • I need to see it! I’ve seen close to two dozen Bergman films, and I still have these gigantic holes in my viewing (e.g. I haven’t watched Fanny and Alexander).

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