Clytie’s Recommended Entertainment Articles (January 11-17, 2019)

Good morning, my dears! Here’s what I have for you this week…

On the 14th, Kieran Fisher predicted a resurgence for Al Pacino on Film School Rejects:
“The near future is going to be a great time for Pacino fans. He’s picking his projects wisely, and I’d be willing to bet money that he steals the show in every single one of them. Because when Pacino is inspired, he’s practically unstoppable. The resurgence is coming, and when it’s all said and done, we’ll have developed a newfound appreciation for a true Hollywood powerhouse.”

Lynn Yaeger shared what Carol Channing meant to her on the 15th over at Vogue:
“Channing, who passed away today at the age of 97, had huge star wattage, but she was always so friendly, so familiar, that you felt she was not just talking to you but winking at you—the two of you sharing the joke. Of course, she was a consummate actress, and so maybe this camaraderie wasn’t as genuine as it seemed—but I don’t think so.
In any case, what does it matter? Can’t we be seduced by art as well as life? In her many roles—from the gold-digging flapper Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on Broadway to her iconic Hello, Dolly! to her film role as Muzzy in Thoroughly Modern Millie (another flapper), she seduced millions.”

Also on the 15th, Robert Dean discussed his long-term fascination with Pulp Fiction in honor of its 25th anniversary on the Daily Grindhouse:
“I constantly examine PULP FICTION because for me, it’s like a maze, a puzzle. There’s secrets still there, things to be unlocked. Tarantino will forever be one of my biggest influences and Pulp Fiction, the most important cultural touchstone of my creative life. I’m not saying I want to be him, I’m just on front street that I’ve got a Masters from The Tarantino School of how not to cross a motherfucker. So, don’t touch my briefcase.”

Finally, on the 16th, Joy Press at Vanity Fair talked about how consumers will be affected by both the rise is cost of streaming services and the new companies getting in on the streaming game:
“For TV addicts, the future offers an avalanche of choices, both in terms of what to watch and where to put your money. (Whether that sounds liberating or exhausting depends on your mind-set.) And for the media companies, it will be an all-bets-are-off struggle to guarantee its streamer is indispensable to viewers, lest we snip that invisible cord.”