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Midsommar‘s pretty good. Toy Story 4‘s pretty good too. That’s about it for my hot takes this week, as I still haven’t watched Deadwood and my ten-plus-years-old memories of Dudley Do-Right aren’t really providing me with much in the way of material. I haven’t seen Primary Colors, but I’m sure it’s good because it’s directed by Mike Nichols and written by Elaine May. And I’m sure American Dreamz, which dares to take on terrorism, American Idol, and Bush at the same time, has aged like a fine wine.

3 Silent Classics by Josef von Sternberg (Criterion)
American Dreamz (Universal)
Annabelle Comes Home (Warner)
A Bread Factory (Grasshopper)
Deadwood: The Movie (HBO)
Dudley Do-Right (Universal)
The Electric Horseman (Universal)
Light of My Life (Paramount)
Midsommar (Lionsgate)
My Boyfriend’s Back (Kino)
Primary Colors (Universal)
Toy Story 4 (Disney)
Toys Are Not for Children (Arrow)