New on DVD and Blu-Ray

A positively massive week, with many potential holiday presents at your disposal. The biggest (and maybe best) is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a controversial work that I think is one of Tarantino’s best, foregrounding the melancholy of Jackie Brown without the crime plot to sugarcoat it (“or to give it any interest at all,” you may say to your computer screen in response). But if you want a real lack of sugarcoating, I can point to the week’s other top item, Paul Schrader’s Blue Collar, which makes even First Reformed look like the work of a hopeless optimist. Or to Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control, which is basically the climax of The Irishman extended to two hours, all the signposts of crime with none of the feeling behind them. Or, if you understandably want something a little less soul-crushing, there’s also the long-awaited Blu-Ray of Satoshi Kon’s masterwork Millennium Actress, which shares Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘s sad-eyed optimism about media being a continuation of us.

All that, plus two essential director’s cuts finally getting HD releases. The first is Francis Ford Coppola’s recent reedit of The Cotton Club, which is by all accounts one of the more revelatory salvage jobs in recent memory. The second is the Criterion of Wim Wenders’ 287-minute cut of Until the End of the World, which is by most accounts kind of a mess in any version, but at least a highly watchable one. And if you’d rather superbly-executed minimalism instead of overreaching ambition, Criterion also has Kelly Reichardt’s Old Joy out for your viewing pleasure. Or, if none of this appeals to you and you want to feel your brain rot in real time, there’s always Fred Durst’s The Fanatic.

Blue Collar (Kino)
The Cotton Club Encore (Lionsgate)
The Death of Dick Long (Lionsgate)
An Elephant Sitting Still (Kimstim)
The Fanatic (Quiver)
The Fly Collection (Shout Factory)
Fritz Lang’s Indian Epic (Film Movement)
Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection (Kino)
Hustlers (Universal)
Inside Moves (Scorpion Releasing)
It: Chapter Two (Warner)
The Limits of Control (Arrow Academy)
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (Greenwich)
Millennium Actress (Shout Factory)
Monos (Universal)
Old Joy (Criterion)
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sony)
The Peanut Butter Solution (Severin)
Until the End of the World (Criterion)