New on DVD and Blu-Ray

Whoops, sorry about the lateness of this, folks. I’d pretend this was some kind of intentional joke about time to go along with the 4K release of the Back to the Future movies, but it was just me forgetting, like Zemeckis and Gale forgot to do anything that was appealing about the first Back to the Future in Part II. Other than that, we have Shout Factory’s reissue of Adaptation., Criterion releasing the undersung Gregory Peck western The Gunfighter, and a Stephen Frears double-feature of his early crime movie The Hit and his recent BBC miniseries Quiz. Plus, just in time for Halloween, a Paramount-spearheaded 4K restoration of The Haunting. The Jan de Bont version of The Haunting, but still.

Adaptation. (Shout Factory)
Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy 4K (Universal)
Cut Throat City (Well Go)
The Gunfighter (Criterion)
The Haunting (Paramount)
The Hit (Criterion)
Killdozer (Kino)
Quiz (RLJ)
Spree (RLJ)