New on DVD and Blu-Ray finally went back up and I can return this column to its previous glory. We’ve got a hefty week to celebrate with, though Paramount is clogging it up with a fair bit of chaff; who was asking for a Blu-Ray of the Garry Marshall “Greg Kinnear reads people’s mail” movie? But if you so choose, it can be yours this week, as can an actual 1996 classic, Oliver Assayas’s delirious filmmaking comedy Irma Vep. It’s out from Criterion, as is another key document of French cinematic cool, Godard’s Masculin Féminin. That could suffice most weeks, but you’ve also got the Warner Archive Blu of Quick Change, Kino finally getting The Good, the Bad and the Ugly fully right on home video, 4Ks of 2D movies Dirty Dancing and Donnie Darko, this year’s Best Picture winner, and Pootie Tang. I cannot necessarily endorse putting money in Louis CK’s pockets by buying the Pootie Tang Blu-Ray, but I can say that from what I hear, no one in Nomadland gets mauled by a gorilla in a steel mill (or an Amazon factory).

Another Thin Man (Warner Archive Collection)
Dead Man on Campus (Paramount)
Dear God (Paramount)
Dirty Dancing 4K (Lionsgate)
Donnie Darko 4K (Arrow)
Fun with Dick and Jane (Sony)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 4K (Kino)
Head of State (Paramount)
Irma Vep (Criterion)
The Ladies Man (Paramount)
Masculin Féminin (Criterion)
Nomadland (Disney)
Pootie Tang (Paramount)
Punchline (Sony)
Quick Change (Warner Archive Collection)
Switchblade Sisters (Arrow)