New on DVD and Blu-Ray

I really wondered if he wasn’t going to ever again, but Michael Mann is finally shooting another movie (and one with Adam Driver, who I’d marked as being a great match after The Dead Don’t Die). To celebrate, today we get the much-publicized sequel book to Heat and Heat‘s long-awaited 4K release. And we also get the Blu-Ray of another all-time great returning to moviemaking after it seemed like he might be done, David Cronenberg still putting just about everyone else to shame with Crimes of the Future. The reports of it being his return to “body horror” set some incorrect expectations, this doesn’t fear the body but instead sincerely believes that listening to our bodies is our only chance of survival going forward. The possibility of future bodily evolution has never seemed as poignant as when it’s being preached by Lea Seydoux, her usually sad eyes sparkling with hope. And also Kristen Stewart is there to do a Jeremy Davies impression, that’s what going to the movies is all about.

Alexander the Great (Sandpiper)
Back to the Beach (Paramount)
Crimes of the Future (Decal)
Domestic Disturbance (Paramount)
Doom 4K (Universal)
Down to Earth (Paramount)
Equus (Sandpiper)
Event Horizon 4K (Paramount)
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (Warner)
Heat 4K (Disney)
Men (Lionsgate)
Nitram (IFC)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 4K (Paramount)
State of Grace (Sandpiper)
Vivo (Sony)